Software evolves.

More on this after I fight off I fight off this latest wave of exhaustion.

Damn diaries.com.

Glad that experiment had the decency to fail quickly. I hate it when experiments take 50 years to fail.

Curtis White on Saving Private Ryan...

Opening Scene. Normandy. The aging WWII vet totters toward the grave of . . . we know not whom. Behind him comes his family. There's something interesting about this family. What the camera most encourages us to see are the three granddaughters, in their late teens, arm-in-arm, blonde, sweaters stretched over large (but not improperly large), round breasts. Ooh, they are well-titted, these little American wonders. They are the fruits of victory. Here, the answer to the film's purported "big" question "Have I led a good life?" is answered. Hell yes. Look at these blonde babes my genes have launched. It's Aryan eugenics hybridized with Hollywood's sense of the good life. If the Nazis had won, and Hitler had settled down in Burbank, he wouldn't have thought any different.

It's really too bad when people call Slashdot an online community.